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Blissful Bel

Desert Bliss Sacculents Candle

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Beautiful and carefully crafted sacculents candle. This candle is perfect for cacti, sacculents and plant lovers. Besides being a great home decor piece,, it also makes a unique gift for birthdays, mother's day, Valentine's day and a Christmas stocking stuffer especially for those loved ones who can't keep a plant alive.

Candle features

Scent:- Fresh berries infused in warm vanilla

  • Height:   79mm | 3.1"
  • Mouth-exterior diameter:   110mm | 4.3"
  • Mouth-interior diameter:   100mm | 3.9"
  • Jar-exterior diameter:   110mm | 4.3"
  • Bottom diameter:   102mm | 3.9"
  • Weight : 16oz